Antelope 01 60x90cm Poster

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The photo is printed on white, glossy photo paper. Perfect for on the wall. 


  • The 60x90cm photo is printed on white. glossy photo paper. Perfect for on the wall. 

  • Your new picture was taken outside in the big, wide world. For my shot to come about, it needs people who let themselves be photographed. The people give me a piece of themselves and I want to give something back to them with my pictures. A third of the proceeds from the store go to the organizations Salaam Baalak and the Coral Gardeners. As a passionate diver and philanthropist, it is a must for me to support such important projects.


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60cm x 90cm Poster

Shipping Informations

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The price includes shipping costs within Switzerland. As soon as a picture is shipped abroad, additional fees will apply.


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The picture can be returned within two weeks. The margin will be refunded. The production costs will not be refunded.