Buy your shots in my photo shop. Here you'll find high-quality photographs from all over the world taken by me, Marina. You can get the photographs as posters or on Alu Dibond (aluminum composite panel). Choose your favorite size, browse through the gallery, and order your print produced in Switzerland.

Alu Dibond Gallery

Your desired print on 2mm Alu-Dibond. Alu-Dibond scores with a high quality and a noble, matte look for your home.

Price Range: $$$

Poster Gallery

Your new favorite poster. Your desired image comes directly to your home as a poster.

Price Range: $

For Charity

Your new picture was taken outside in the big, wide world. For my shot to come about, it needs people who let themselves be photographed. The people give me a piece of themselves and I want to give something back to them with my pictures. A quarter of the proceeds from the store go to the organizations Salaam Baalak and the Coral Gardeners. As a passionate diver and philanthropist, it is a must for me to support such important projects.

Coral Gardeners

Coral Gardeners started in 2017 on Mo'orea, the sister island of Tahiti in French Polynesia after a small group of young surfers, freedivers and fishermen.

We are on a mission to revolutionize ocean conservation and create a global movement to save the world’s coral reefs through active reef restoration, awareness activities and innovative solutions, developed by our CG labs.

Salaam Baalak

Salaam Baalak Trust is an Indian non-profit and non-governmental organization which provides support for street and working children in Delhi, India. 

The name Salaam Baalak Trust translates literally as "salute the child". Programs at SBT include repatriation, providing education, basic literacy and schooling, full care facilities for the young, physical and mental health care, life-skills education, vocational training, sports, job placement and counselling in HIV/AIDS.

CUstom Made

If you want a picture in a different size or you see a photo on my Instagram channel that you can't find in the store, contact me by mail and we'll find a solution together.