Marina Fischer



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As an experienced photographer, I am skilled at telling stories that capture the beauty of life. My camera is my tool to capture moments that will be remembered. I professionally shoot portraits, weddings and events.

«Marina» is a female given name with Latin roots. It is derived from the Latin term «marinus», which means «of the sea». The name «Marina» is often associated with the sea and water.

«Fischer» is an originally occupational surname that may indicate a familial connection to fishing or coastal living.

Together, the name «Marina Fischer» signifies a connection to the maritime world and coastal living. The name could suggest a person with an affinity for water, whether through a passion for diving or a general love for the sea and nature. 

Hi, I am Marina. As a trained photographer, ocean lover and creative woman, I love to creatively document stories with the camera.

Content Creation

I am a content creator with an organic reach of 100,000 people per month in Switzerland. On my accounts I share my passion for creative content, exciting adventures and inspiring travels.

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